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Labour and birth are no easy feat (it’s not called labour for no reason!) and sometimes the thought of going drug free seems next to impossible. That’s where positive affirmations come in, I used these throughout my pregnancy to keep my mindset in check and prepare myself to rock my birth. I had them up on my birth board which was in view throughout my labour and whenever I started feeling like I couldn’t do it I simply looked up and was reminded that I could. My body was made for this. To breathe. To relax my jaw. That I got this. That Allah was with me. 

Are you pregnant? Purchase this set of 9 affirmations and put them up where you’ll see them daily. Is one of your friends pregnant? Gift them this set and empower them to believe in themselves their incredible body that was made to grow and birth babies! 

This set is printed on A5 200gsm card stock. 

FREE standard shipping Australia wide. 

Your affirmations aren’t packaged in a plastic sleeve and posted in a hard card envelope to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition.

Please not colours may vary due to camera and screen settings.