Care Instructions

We want your products to last a very long time, but for that to happen, we need you to show them a bit of love + care. First up, keep all the packaging! You’ll need somewhere safe to store your products when they’re not in use and the packaging is the perfect place. Our products are made from 3mm acrylic or plywood making them fragile so you gotta be careful when handling them. The safest way to do this is to hold them by the thickest parts.

Please take care not to bend or drop them as they may break and that ain’t gonna be cool. These products will be appealing to your little ones, but they ain’t no toy so please keep them away from those cute little fingers. The little fingers WILL break them. I learnt the hard way. It is your responsibility to ensure the pieces are securely fastened to the surface for if they fall, they may possibly break. Please do not hang items above cots or beds.


The acrylic mirror is beautiful, but also very very fragile. If you haven’t yet figured out and are looking at your mirror acrylic like “yo, this ain’t looking like no picture she showed me” before you hit up our DMs lemme help you out, the mirrored side of the acrylic has a protective cover on it. You will need to peel it off to reveal the beautiful gold mirror. A task that is strangely satisfying so maybe wait till your kids have gone to bed so you can fully enjoy it. When handling the mirror your fingerprints may become slightly visible, if this bothers you, simply wipe off very gently using a micro fibre glass cloth.


Treat the wood with the right care and over time it will age beautifully. It’s a low maintenance kinda wood and needs minimal cleaning, a light dusting with a dry cloth or feather duster (if you wanna be fancy) from time to time is all. Please keep the wood away from water or any cleaning products as these can damage it. And don’t let it come into contact with moisture, oils, perfumes or cosmetics as they gonna make it ugly.

We strongly encourage you to follow all product care guidelines listed here and to head to our website for more detailed care instructions for each product. We also encourage you to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the long-life and quality of your items.

Please hit us up at or slide into our DMs @studionayma if you have any questions or want more information on how to care for your particular product. And most importantly, don’t forget to send us photos of your Ramadan and Eid set ups and tag us on the gram too because we can not wait to see how you style these!