A BEAUTIFUL PATIENCE | digital download

A BEAUTIFUL PATIENCE | digital download

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There's a verse in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 153, where Allah says, "Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient." And who doesn't want Allah to be with them?

But we all know that sometimes being patient is the most difficult thing to do and you need to be reminded. And not in the way they'll remind you in Saudi, "sabr sister sabr" which feels like someone telling you to relax when you're getting worked up about something ­čśé ┬átotally does the opposite, right?

So I like to beautify the word. Letter it and make it what it is, a beautiful patience. A patience that calms you. A patience full of trust in Allah. A patience full of prayer. A patience full of perseverance. A beautiful patience, with Allah by your side.

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